Cheap storage prices

When it comes to cheap storage, you really have come to the right place. Not only are our containers extremely competitively priced, we also offer both long and short-term lets for domestic and business use.

Our short-term storage offers you a secure place to store your belonging for up to 12 months. All long-term units are for available for 12 months and over. All our prices include VAT.

Storage container sizes

20ft x 8ft storage container


Short term £114/m     

Long-term ( year or more) £104/m

Long-term in advance £95/m.  (£1140 per year)

If you know you will need our storage facilities for a year or more, we offer a discount for all long-term lets. On our largest container, that’s a saving of £108 a year. When you speak to us, just let us know that you are happy to pay for the year in advance and we’ll apply the discount.


10ft x 8ft storage containers

Short term £72/m

Long term £67/m

Long-term in advance £60/m.  (£720per year)

We also offer a discount on our long-term 10ft x 8ft containers. By paying yearly in advance, you will be saving £84 a year.


20ft x 4ft storage containers

Short term £63/m

Long term £58/m

Long term in advance £53/m  (£636 per year)


10ft x 4ft (34 sq feet at least)

Short term   £38/m

Long term    £34/m

Long term in advance  £31/m  (£372 per year)

(All sizes approx.)

The prices that we quote are inclusive of VAT

Why is our storage so cheap?

We are called Cheap Storage for a reason. Our storage facilities are easily accessible from the A10, A505 and M11, making us a great location if you live or work in Hertfordshire, Cambridgeshire or North London.

  1. We own the land at both storage sites. This means we are not paying hefty rental fees and can pass that cost saving directly to our customers.
  2. Our business is streamlined. We have invested in technology that supports our business and reduces man-hours.
  3. We don’t spend our money on large-scale marketing campaigns. The majority of Cheap Storage customers are from word of mouth. We invest in order keep our prices as low as possible.


Are there any additional costs?

Quite simply, no. We provide you with a heavy-duty padlock free of charge and there are no hidden costs. Unlike most of our competitors who increase prices every six months by up to 5%, the storage price we state is the price you will pay. The only additional cost you could expect to pay is if you choose to take out contents insurance while your goods are in storage.