Storage Facilities

Our storage facilities, Hertfordshire: We have containers in two sizes to suit a variety of domestic or business needs. Once you’ve chosen the right size of storage for you, we then provide you with a heavy-duty padlock free of charge. Both our cheap storage locations are fully fenced and securely gated, and your container will be fitted with a lock box.

Storage sizes

If you need a smaller or a larger unit, you can up or downsize FREE of charge. You just need to let us know in advance.

Choosing the right size of storage

It can seem daunting to try and estimate the storage space you need. So, we’ve given a rough indication below as to what you could fit into our containers.

20ft x 8ft container | 160 sq ft

This size of storage unit can house in excess of 210 medium-sized boxes or, roughly translated, the contents of an average four-bedroom house. For business storage, we estimate you will have enough space to store over 320 archive boxes.

10ft x 8ft or 20ft x 4ft container | 80 sq ft

You will be able to store over 100 medium-sized boxes in this storage container. From experience, we know this is approximately the contents of a large two-bedroom apartment. If you are looking for business storage, this container would hold up to 160 archive boxes.

Cheap Storage Tip: Stack high! All our storage containers are nearly eight feet high. When you are packing your belongings or archiving, you can save space by turning items on their sides. Alternatively, use sturdy boxes to ensure you can stack your items safely.

Storage duration

If you need quick, easy and cheap storage for one month or more, our sites offer the perfect solution. The best bit? We offer long and short-term lets at a fixed price, so you don’t need to worry about any additional costs while your belongings are in storage.

We just ask for a £100 refundable deposit when you move in and one month’s notice when you’re vacating. We understand that it can be stressful trying to find the right place to store your belongings, which is why we make it as simple as possible. Pay the deposit, move in and give us one month’s notice when you’re leaving.

Opening hours

London Way storage

7am to 5pm weekdays
Saturday 7am to 12 noon

On weekdays during winter we close one hour earlier.

Cherry Park storage

8am to 5pm weekdays
Saturday 7am to 12 noon

We try to be as flexible as possible for all Cheap Storage customers. So, if you need access to your unit outside the stated hours, please do speak to us so we can arrange a suitable time.

TESTIMONIAL: Good quality, clean, dry, safe and secure units no matter what you want to store at very reasonable and competitive prices. Why go anywhere else?

Colin Smith, Director at Adaptive Services Ltd